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Why start a blog? 

Saying I love to travel is an understatement.  My husband jokes that I’m usually already planning my next trip before I even finish the last (and to be honest, he's not wrong.)

The idea for this blog came about after several friends, family members, and complete strangers on Instagram started reaching out and asking me for restaurant recommendations, which cities to stop in during a road trip, and what to do during a layover.  For years I've had countless people tell me I should start a travel blog.

I am a Corporate Event Planner for a finance company for my 9-5 which has allowed me to travel even more.  Before visiting a city, I spent hours reading blogs, travel websites, calling the hotel concierge and scrolling through social media to find ways to make the most of any free time I had.  I realized that there were plenty of blogs dedicated to week-long trips, and even 48-hour guides, but what I saw missing was how to make the most of just one day.

Why would you go to a city for a day? 

You’re in town for a wedding and you arrive the night before. 

You’re on a work trip with your husband or wife who is working part or all of the time. 

You have a layover or need a pit stop on your road trip. 

You’re visiting a friend who lives outside of a major city and you want to see the city before heading to the suburbs. 

You’re visiting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s family (or your own) and need a quick break to yourself. 

You realize how big your city is and how little you have done. 


These are all moments in my life that I’ve found to be true.  In a perfect world, we would all have the budget and unlimited vacation days to explore each city for a week.  But in case that you don’t, I’ve put together different guides for those trips you only have one day or less to explore.  If any of these are positions you’ve been in and you need some advice, some recommendations, or just some daydreaming, I hope you’ll wander along with me.   

What kind of places will you recommend?

My guides include places to stay (hotel recommendations), sip (coffee and cocktail ideas), see (things to do), savor (where to eat) and any other tips I think you should know.  Some cities will include the whole downtown and some will be the suburbs or a specific neighborhood. 

I’m a huge fan of luxury hotels- especially when you only have one night.  Some of my best experiences have been found through the hotel concierge.  There’s a level of service at these properties that makes your trip that much more enjoyable.  I mean, have you ever had champagne waiting for you at check-in or turn down service when you come home from a night out?  It’s such a treat. 

Is there a place you can go and view the whole city?  Or a restaurant you walk in to and instantly get an essence of the whole town with one cocktail or bite of food?  Is there a good vantage point to watch the sunrise or a rooftop bar to experience the sunset?

I’m willing to pay $15 for a cocktail if it’s an alternative to paying a building’s admission price (why not get the same views without loud tourists and while you’re enjoying a glass of rosé?)

I love museums but sometimes you don’t have a full day to spend.  Alternately there can be great sculptures, murals, and even buildings that have just as much charm and take much less time. 

Why haven’t you reviewed my city?

I have been working on recommendations for the last few years, so I have a LOT of cities I’m working on publishing.  If you have a trip coming up and have a specific need in mind, leave me a comment or send me an email and I’ll try to prioritize a post accordingly. 

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